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You must agree!

 Making the decision to Never Smoke Again is one of the greatest hurdles to becoming a lifelong non-smoker. The NeverSmokeAgain.Com program is not magic. No hocus pocus. Just plain common sense. You must come to terms with the fact that you must agree to never smoke again, forever, for the rest of your life. Don't be scared. You can do this. I will help you.

To thine own self be true.

Some of you may be thinking that you can't make a commitment to Never Smoke Again for the rest of your life. If you are resisting this commitment, perhaps it is because deep down you lack the confidence in your ability to stop smoking. Instead of taking the risk that you might fail, you refuse to make a commitment, even if it means dying a horrible, painful death and letting down the people that love you. 

If you are like most people you're not just afraid to fail, you're afraid to face a commitment because you might let yourself down. Am I getting warm? Agreeing to Never Smoke Again is a HUGE hurdle for many people. But all you have to do is to agree to Never Smoke Again! The good news is that you only have to make this decision JUST ONCE. I know its a big step, but I think that you can do it. GET PAST THIS. Make the commitment. Agree to Never Smoke Again for the rest of your life. Accept the notion and the commitment that you will Never Smoke Again for the rest of your life. Never Smoke Again. Never!

The contract

Did I mention there is a contract? No, hold on to your credit card. I don't mean that kind of contract. I mean a contract with YOURSELF. Before I show you the final steps of this program you'll be asked to agree to Never Smoke Again.

If you don't think you can agree to Never Smoke Again, then perhaps you should just stop now, because you might not be serious about Never Smoking Again.

In order for the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program to work you will have to agree in writing to Never Smoke Again. This is not optional. It is a mandatory and required part of the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program. You MUST agree to Never Smoke Again for the rest of your life. The site has been designed to not let you pass through to see all of the NeverSmokeAgain.Com 'stay-quit' methods unless you first press a button that says "I AGREE". (Okay, admittedly you can get past this by skipping the contract page via the menu bar, but if you do, you will only be cheating yourself!)

If you want to keep going with the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program you will need to commit. There's no way around it. As I have already stated, this web-site is for people that are READY to quit smoking PERMANENTLY. Are you ready to quit FOREVER and for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? (If not, you should just stop now because you are just wasting electrons and internet capacity by clicking on more pages.) 

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