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Now there's work to do.

So what constitutes quitting? Quitting is the act of stopping. But not necessarily to the act of Never Smoking Again. Right? Of course, anyone can quit. The difficult part is to Never Smoke Again.

The next step will cost you something.

You must get rid of all your ashtrays.
You should have already done this but in case you haven't, throw them away NOW! You don't need them anymore. Just throw them away! Don't give them away since you would just be sending the wrong message to someone else. Throw away your ashtrays. Walk around your home and find every ashtray and throw each one of them away. I don't care how beautiful they are or how much you paid for them. Just throw them away. You won't need them. I don't care if the ashtray was a souvenir from Disney World. You certainly don't need them for guests because your home is now a NON-SMOKING home. No one can smoke inside your home anymore. Planning a party? Who cares? Your house is now a NON-SMOKING house. You are now one of those annoying people that make other people stand outside in the rain and snow to smoke. Ha ha. Other people's filthy smoking habits are not your problem. You are a non-smoker now. 

Note: Throwing away your ashtrays is an ACTUALIZATION STEP. You must do this to actualize Never Smoking Again. Do not ignore this. 

Ashtrays are a symbol of your nicotine addiction. The act of throwing away your ashtrays is a symbol of your commitment to Never Smoking Again. You are a non-smoker now and non-smokers don't need ashtrays.

Wouldn't it be great if no one needed an ashtray? A society without ashtrays is a non-smoking society. YOU won't need ashtrays because you won't be smoking anymore. Get serious about this. If you are reluctant to throw away your ashtrays, you may not be ready to Never Smoke Again. So, go ahead and throw them away. I'll wait while you throw them away.

Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ... Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ... Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ...  Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ... Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ... Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ... Hmmm ..   Hmmm ...  Hmmm ... Hmmm ...

So? Have you thrown away your ashtrays yet? Honestly, you really do need to throw them away.

Get rid of all your cigarettes. You should have already done this but in case you haven't, throw them away now. Throw them away in a place where you can't get them back. You don't need your cigarettes. If you are thinking that you might still need your cigarettes, you are DEFINITELY not ready to Never Smoke Again. Did you hide your cigarettes? Hiding your cigarettes is really dumb, especially if you know the hiding place. Get serious about this. Of course you have to destroy all of your cigarettes. You're a non-smoker now. Non-smokers don't need cigarettes. I can assure you that if you still possess cigarettes, becoming a non-smoker will be VERY difficult. Don't make this any tougher than it already is. Just throw away the cigarettes already!

Note: Destroying your last cigarettes is yet another ACTUALIZATION STEP. You must do this to actualize Never Smoking Again. Do not ignore this.

Do you remember where you were when you quit smoking? Who were you with? Who have you told that you quit smoking? Have you really taken the steps to quit smoking for the rest of your life? I hope so.

Suggestion: If you still have cigarettes anywhere in your home, smash them into little pieces, soak them with water or grind them up in a blender. Psychologically this will be very good for you. Get a shovel or pick axe or hammer (or any other tool of destruction that you may have access to) and whack the hell out of your last cigarettes. Really mash them into tiny pieces. It will feel GOOD.

Now that you have quit smoking you must take the next step and agree to quit smoking for the rest of your life.

Of course, when you quit smoking, you must quit smoking FOREVER. At this point you must agree to yourself to Never Smoke Again. Please don't just casually quit. Think it over. Your decision to Never Smoke Again must be permanent. If you're thinking that you'll try to quit for now, see how it goes, take it day by day, then you are probably doomed to failure. PLEASE commit. Have the courage to Never Smoke Again. You CAN do it. This is a LIFETIME decision. Never Smoke Again means just that. This is the last time you will quit smoking. You will never need to do it again because you are making a decision to Never Smoke Again for the rest of your life. You will never need to decide whether or not you should have a cigarette again. The decision has been made. This is it. This is permanent. Once you have quit smoking forever, you will become a non-smoker. That's right. You, the non-smoker. Every Never-Smoke-Again graduate officially becomes a non-smoker. It truly is an honor.

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