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Smoking Denial!

What are you trying to do, KILL YOURSELF?

How did you become a smoker?

Let me guess: First you started smoking. Then you got hooked. Then, for a long time, you ignored the obvious dangers of smoking and you just kept on going.

All smokers have to be in some form of denial. We all know that smoking is dangerous to our health but people smoke in spite of this. Smoking is not a rational act. We smoke because we are in denial of the obvious dangers of smoking. The short-term pleasure and gratification that we get from smoking can seem more important than the health problems that might await us one day in the future. Its easier to keep smoking than to face the difficulty of quitting and possibility of failure. Smokers live in denial. It is easier to take the easy road of tricking oneself into believing that the perils of smoking tobacco are so remote that they can be ignored. You know what I mean. Almost all smokers think this way.

Riding the wave of denial:

But WHY do we put ourselves into a state of DENIAL? The answer is simple. We fear that if we try to quit, we will fail. So rather than fail at an attempt at quitting smoking, we adopt an attitude of DENIAL. For many people, DENIAL is the only way to deal with the shame of not wanting to face another attempt at trying to quit smoking and then failing.

However, at some point in your life, after you've had about a MILLION cigarettes, you finally become realistic about the dangers of smoking and decide to do something about your smoking habit. That's why you're here. I hope that through these pages you find what you are looking for and that I can be of help to you in your struggle.

As long as you are in DENIAL you cannot help yourself because you can't learn.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are addicted to smoking and that it is a terrible habit, which will make you sick if you don't stop. (Can you imagine an alcoholic quitting drinking if he or she couldn't admit the alcohol addiction in the first place?) You must REJECT denial of your smoking addiction. You are addicted. I promise you that you are addicted to smoking. If you weren't addicted you wouldn't have come to NeverSmokeAgain.Com. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. You probably became addicted to nicotine after the first package of cigarettes you smoked. 

Once you have acknowledged your addiction to nicotine and you can admit that you need HELP quitting smoking and you can OPEN yourself up to outside support you will be able to begin learning how to Never Smoke Again. But, it has to start with leaving the denial of your problem behind and then accepting new ideas with a new attitude.

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