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What were you doing the moment you quit smoking?
Did you make it special?

(Yet another ACTUALIZATION step. Its imperative that you do this!)

Don't underestimate this. You quit smoking AND THAT'S A BIG DEAL. You will want to look back on the time that you quit smoking and think positively about it. What were you doing when you quit smoking? REMEMBER IT? 

If you are reading this for the first time and you didn't do this when you originally quit smoking, it isn't too late to go out and celebrate.

Treat yourself to a really good time somewhere. Make sure that you do something special to commemorate becoming a non-smoker even if it isn't leaving your smoking behind. Make a plan to go out somewhere to dinner. Or go away for the weekend! Do something really special. At the event talk about how you quit smoking and make a toast to becoming a non-smoker for life.

Where were you when you heard that JFK or Princess Dianna died? You remember these events because they were so important to you. YOUR QUIT EVENT NEEDS TO BE EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT. It should be at a time and place that you will remember. Quit somewhere other than in your home so you can 'leave' your cigarette habit someplace else. Are you going away for a few days? How about quitting at the hotel before you come home? Make a big deal out of it. Have a special dinner with someone supportive of your efforts. Don't take along someone with you that will be unsupportive. Quit with someone else only if they have the same commitment that you do to Never Smoke Again. Whatever you do, don't be casual about it. Your quit event is a really important step. Make a BIG deal out of it. Come on! Treat yourself right. You deserve it!

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