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Take care of the basic mechanics of quitting

(This is an ACTUALIZATION step. You really need to do this stuff!)

To be a good card-carrying non-smoker, (actually, at no point in this program do I give you a card or anything resembling a card), you have to change your lifestyle just a little. You don't have to do anything drastic. But as a non-smoker there are some changes that will need to take place in your life that are VERY important.

1. Make your home off-limits to smoking. You may have obstacles to achieving this, but this is VERY important. Do your best to make your home non-smoking. If you have a spouse or a roommate that smokes, you will need to get them to agree that there can be no more smoking in your home. Smokers should have to go outside to smoke. Its only fair. When your smoking friends come over to your house, ask them to smoke outside. Be very persistent about this. Win this battle. It is urgent that others respect your need to live in a smoke-free environment.

Don't be concerned if it is freezing cold, raining or snowing outside. Providing a comfortable smoking environment for your friends and family isn't your responsibility. Let the people around you know that you are serious about quitting. Make a statement! Take a stand! As a non-smoker you have the right to live and work in a smoke-free environment. 

2. Get rid of all your cigarettes. When it comes time for you to quit you will need to destroy all of your remaining cigarettes. You don't need them anymore. Just throw them out. Quitting smoking with cigarettes around your home or work will make it MUCH more difficult. Don't even go there. If you have agreed that you will Never Smoke Again for the rest of your life, why will you need cigarettes? Are you going to drop them off at Goodwill? Get serious. Destroy all of your cigarettes! Every last one of them. You cannot quit smoking if you still possess cigarettes. GET RID OF THEM! Make a big deal out of this. Really DESTROY your last cigarettes in a significant way. Crush them, soak them or grind them up into little pieces. Whatever makes you feel good. Just do it like you mean it!

3. Throw away all your ashtrays. You don't need them anymore. Just throw them out. It doesn't matter if your son or daughter made the ashtray for you at summer camp or if you bought it on your last vacation to an exotic destination. Non-smokers have no use for ashtrays. You won't need ashtrays for your family or your friends because you are going to declare your home off-limits to smoking. Just throw away the ashtrays already!

4. Your car should be completely non-smoking. Don't let anyone smoke in your car. If you can't smoke there, neither can anyone else. Post a little sign if you have to. But don't allow smoking in your car!

5. Your workplace should become non-smoking. Hopefully it already is. But if its not, make it so. You have the right to not be exposed to smoke at work. Enforce it. Try not to hang around with the smokers that congregate outside your building. If you have ashtrays in your workplace, get rid of them.

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