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You should be quite proud of yourself that you have managed to find the courage to Never Smoke Again. The information and skills that you have learned at NeverSmokeAgain.Com will provide you with a lifetime of improved health and self respect.

Now, here's where I'm asking you to give something back. Please fill out the following survey and tell me what you think. The information that you provide will help to improve the content of NeverSmokeAgain.Com.

Please be completely honest in your responses.

This is the only way to determine the effectiveness of NeverSmokeAgain.Com.

If you aren't ready to fill out this survey or if you want to fill it out later after you have had a chance to try the the NeverSmokeAgain method of quitting, please Bookmark this survey page and come back at a later date and fill it out.

ou may notice that some of the questions below were already asked at the initial signup screen that you filled out at the beginning of the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program. This is a very simple website. Until NeverSmokeAgain.Com's programming is improved, would you mind repeating some of your answers on this page as well? Thanks.


Email Address (optional, but appreciated)
How did you hear about the NeverSmokeAgain.Com website?
Were you smoking when you started this program?
Had you tried to quit in the past and failed?
How many times did you try to quit?
Did you make a plan for the BigQuit? What was the plan? Did it help? 
Did you make a list of the top 5 situations that are likely to bring on the urge to smoke? Did it help? 
How severe do you characterize your addiction to nicotine and smoking?
Did you quit smoking before or after you found NeverSmokeAgain.Com?
When did you quit smoking?
Do you think that the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program will help you to end your smoking habit permanently?
In the past, have you ever taken any smoking cessation drugs - patch, gum, pills, etc?
Are you currently taking any smoking cessation drugs?
What was your experience with the drugs? Helpful? Not helpful? Side effects?
Wierd question: Did you realize that the background color of the pages in transition from gray to white?
Have you needed to recite the NeverSmokeAgain.Com 'willpower mantra' yet? If so, was it effective in helping you to fight the urge to smoke?
What is your impression of the Never Smoke Again program?
At the beginning of the program, a claim was made that this program could improve your willpower to help you quit smoking. When you read this, did it sound believable or were you very skeptical of this claim?
Now that you have finished the program, do you feel that the claims made regarding the ability of NeverSmokeAgain.Com to help improve your willpower were accurate or overstated?
What is the most important thing you learned (if you learned anything at all) from the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program?
Any other feedback about what you do or do not like about the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program?
Do you have any suggestions that will improve NeverSmokeAgain.Com for others?
Bottom line: Will you ever smoke again for the rest of your life?