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Congratulations! Now it's official!

You are now an official non-smoker! How does it feel? Take a deep breath. This is what smoke-free air smells like. I hope that you are remembering that you agreed (with yourself) to Never Smoke Again. You next challenge is going to be to stick with the program and be a non-smoking person FOREVER. Remember, you are a non-smoker. Non-smokers don't smoke. Never. You can never have another cigarette. You're done with smoking. Smoking is part of your past. It is NOT part of your future.

It's all down hill from here.

So now what?  You are a non-smoker. You just recently quit smoking. Now, the rest is down hill from here. Why? Because the 'courage' step was the toughest one and you got past it! You had to trust in yourself and believe in your own ability to overcome your addiction to nicotine. You did that. No one else did. You did it on your own. Now that you've quit smoking all you have to do is STAY quit. You will be a NON-smoker forever.

This is not as tough as it sounds. Remember that you ARE a non-smoker. You DON'T smoke anymore. You left that terrible habit behind you. You agreed that you will never smoke again for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! You're done! All that smoking nonsense is behind you. Your future and your good health are ahead of you. The next time you get the urge to smoke, you won't have to decide whether or not you should smoke because you have decided ONCE AND FOR ALL that you are a non-smoker and NOTHING will change that. All you need now is a way to handle your urge to smoke. I will help you with that.

It is possible that you may be feeling a little scared right now. Being scared is normal. Taking drugs that make you not feel anything is not normal. You may be afraid that you will experience a weak moment and return to smoking again. Calm down. You CAN do this. YOU ARE DONE WITH SMOKING and I'm going to help you to continue being a non-smoker for the rest of your life. You won't smoke again because you are going to learn a technique that will help you resist the urge to smoke. Here it comes:

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