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Quit smoking just ONCE!

One of the most fundamental concepts of NeverSmokeAgain.Com is to mentally commit to quitting smoking JUST ONCE and forever!
For the program to work, you MUST have a sense of permanence to your efforts. Quitting smoking "for now" or "one day at a time" just won't cut it. Why? 

(Pay attention here.)

If you DON'T end your smoking habit just once and forever, then every time you get the urge to smoke you will be forced to decide whether or not you want to become a smoker again.  :-(

(which will make it really hard to quit smoking)

And if you DON'T end your smoking habit just once and forever, it becomes only a matter of time before one day you get the urge to smoke at a weak moment and you will make the decision to start smoking again.


Lets face it. You're only human. You have weaknesses. You will have weak moments. Its easy to give up. But, if you do not have a sense of permanence to quitting smoking you will have to keep going through the act of quitting every time you get the urge to smoke. And that is truly the most difficult way to stop. Isn't quitting hard enough to do without having to do it over and over again? Why treat yourself this way? The answer to this puzzle is to stop smoking just once and for all. Don't force yourself to make the decision to not smoke every time you get a cigarette craving. Make a commitment to Never Smoke Again and you won't have to struggle over and over with the decision of whether or not you should continue to be a non-smoker. Making the decision to Never Smoke Again just once is critical to successfully becoming a life-long non-smoker.

Have you ever heard of the 'one day at a time' method? Several smoking cessation sites preach this concept (along with other methods as well). To those of you who might think that this approach works, think again. The 'one day at a time' method teaches you to say to yourself EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE - no cigarettes today. So everyday you must decide not to smoke for that day only. This idea is so absurd it is hard to believe that it gets any attention at all. The 'one day at a time' method has got to be the hardest way to quit there is. Please don't buy into it.

It is imperative that you understand that you must acknowledge that your decision to Never Smoke Again has to be FOREVER! Make the decision ONCE AND FOR ALL to become a non-smoker. If you are only quitting 'just for today' you are NOT a true non-smoker. All non-smokers have quit FOREVER!

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