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Some Health issues

Women need to pay take special precautions.

There is evidence that a woman's menstrual cycle can exacerbate the discomfort of withdrawing from a nicotine addiction. Women may be better off quitting smoking at the end of their menstrual cycle. Women should also plan to cut down on the number of cigarettes smoked prior to quitting. "Women seem to metabolize nicotine more slowly than men, which may mean that cigarette for cigarette, women may have higher nicotine levels than men. This could make women more nicotine dependent and make the process of quitting more difficult because of more intense withdrawal symptoms."

To avoid weight gain, get more exercise and consume fewer calories before you quit.

It is natural to gain weight after you quit smoking. This is because the nicotine kept your body weight low, and when you quit smoking, your body returns to the weight it would have been had you never smoked at all. Also, once you stop smoking, you may use fewer calories than when you were smoking. To avoid gaining weight after you quit smoking, you need become more physically active and improve your eating habits BEFORE you quit smoking. Physical exercise will increase the number of calories your body uses. Making healthy changes to your eating habits will prevent weight gain by controlling the amount of calories you eat.

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