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Willpower: Please, get me some!

Many people who honestly want to quit smoking just cannot get past their overwhelming desire to puff on a cigarette. Why? Because most people do not know of an effective method of using their own natural willpower to resist the urge to smoke because their willpower skills are weak. 

We all have willpower. You use your willpower everyday. Wouldn't it be great if your could put your willpower to work to help you quit smoking PERMANENTLY?

What is willpower?

Willpower is your mind's ability to TAKE CONTROL of the decisions that you make about your personal actions. Willpower helps us to control our choices and override basic lower-level desires, such as in the case of choosing not to smoke in spite of our body's craving for nicotine after quitting smoking.

Is willpower is a REAL thing? 

It is ABSOLUTELY real. Using your willpower means using your mind to make decisions that override what your body craves. Willpower guides your ability to make high-level thinking decisions that override your lower-level body urges.

We all use willpower everyday. For example, if you go into a candy shop, and you are hungry, do you grab at the sweets and ravenously fill your mouth? Of course you don't. It is your willpower that helps you control the amount of candy you purchase and also controls the time at which you will consume the candy. Your body desires sweets, but your mind has control over your body and is the final determining factor over how much and when you will consume the candy. 

So . . .  willpower is a measure of your mental determination to make intelligent FREE WILL decisions that guide your physical actions over your lower-level desires. 

Willpower is innate in all of us. The PROBLEM with willpower is that it lets you (your higher level common sense knowledge) down too easily sometimes. When you feel that your willpower is WEAK, you very easily give in to temptation and you may feel that you are unable to carry out personal goals and objectives that require some amount of physical self control. Let's say that you have been very good with your diet, but suddenly you are offered a very sweet dessert and you GIVE IN to your long-term higher-level decision not to eat sweets. It is this feeling of wanting to GIVE IN that makes the idea of using willpower difficult to accept because we FEAR that if we rely upon our willpower, we will FAIL. So rather than fail we buy into the smoking cessation drug HYPE. In other words, don't rely on yourself. Instead rely on a drug. That way, if it fails, you didn't fail, the drug did. More on that later. ;-)  

Why does the concept of using willpower seem awkward?

It is easy to be confused about what willpower is. When you are asked about your willpower you may have an UNCERTAIN answer since your willpower experiences may have been both weak and strong. It is normal to have inconsistent willpower ability. At times your willpower might be strong, such as when you are on a diet and really doing a great job of eating the right foods and losing weight. At other times you may have experienced your willpower being weak such as when you succumbed to the desire to eat the wrong foods. Although your willpower may have been strong when you started that diet, it may have turned weak when you ended it. This is normal. We all make willpower decisions every day. How well you succeed when confronted with a willpower decision is an indication of one's willpower strength at THAT EXACT MOMENT, not an indication of your overall ability or inability to possess willpower and use it to achieve your goals.

Is your willpower defective?

Asking the question to the average visitor to, "Do you have strong willpower or weak willpower?" most would say WEAK willpower. Why is this? Is it because they have willpower, which is DEFECTIVE? Is the willpower portion of their brains functioning abnormally? Is there something physically wrong with their willpower? No, of course not. The problem is that the typical person has POOR/UNTRAINED willpower skills. Don't assume that because you had an unsuccessful experience using your willpower skills in the past that you have WEAK willpower. That is simply an incorrect conclusion. You just need to enhance your willpower SKILLS.

Why is willpower considered a dirty word?

Search around and you may find that some psychology professionals decry the use of willpower claiming that it doesn't exist and that it is unfair to people to hold them to a willpower standard of success and failure. Sorry, Dr. Phil, but you are just plain wrong on this one. The problem is that society seems unable to comprehend that we can be taught WILLPOWER SKILLS. It's not hocus pocus. It's real. The use of willower is the NUMBER ONE method of quitting smoking. I quit this way and millions more have quit this way as well. Willpower is a behavioral skill that can be learned and improved!!!

How can we use willpower more effectively?

The question of whether you possess willpower is silly. Of course, everyone has willpower. The real question is how effectively YOU are able to CONSISTENTLY utilize your willpower at any given moment. For some, achieving positive change through willpower comes more naturally. Others may find it more difficult. Whether you need willpower training or not depends on your personal behavioral habits. No two people are alike and there are probably as many reasons why some seem better able to use willpower than others than there are people who smoke.

Can smokers who are more susceptible to moments of WEAK willpower learn to consistently enhance their willpower skills and then use willpower in a manner that will truly help them end a smoking habit? The answer is YES. 

Willpower CAN work. I am going to help you strengthen your willpower SKILLS. Changing one's approach to using willpower can mean the difference between success or failure when quitting smoking. While it is true that some people seem to be better able to use their willpower than others, there ARE some simple things that you can do that will augment the effectiveness of your use of willpower to quit smoking. If you feel that the strength of your willpower is weak, you CAN do things that will enhance it and make it stronger and more effective. You just need a better approach to quitting smoking that will help you take advantage of your natural willpower ability. 

You CAN quit smoking by using your own willpower. Lots of people use willpower to quit smoking. It is the most common method of quitting smoking. Willpower WILL help you succeed. People that use willpower to quit smoking are just like you. If they can do it, so can you. BELIEVE IT!

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