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The Never Smoke Again 'Contract with yourself'

Of course, by now you should have already quit smoking. 

If you haven't already quit smoking I don't recommend that you go any further on this website. Don't forget that one of the major precepts of is HONESTY. If you aren't being honest now, how can you  be honest with yourself?

Our Brotherhood is a reflection of the spirit of Congregation B’nai Torah. We come together as individuals and become part of a greater whole. In the years since the Brotherhood was founded, we have become a part of so many aspects of congregation life. Our members are as varied in age and style as are the families of our congregation. We share the common goals of wanting to do good things and wanting to enjoy each other’s company-and we succeed in those efforts. We accomplish a lot and have a lot of fun and laughs.

Membership and participation are voluntary. Members can be involved as much or as little as their desire and availability allow. This no-pressure style has fostered a great level of comfort in the congregation. We are proud that so many of the men of our congregation participate in the Brotherhood, who have bonded together for the benefit of Congregation B’nai Torah, our families, the surrounding community and the Brotherhood members.

The Brotherhood welcomes new members and also offers opportunities to get involved as either a committee member or a Brotherhood officer. We are currently looking to fill the position of Vice President of the Brotherhood and any inquires will be welcomed.

We have regular meetings in the evening as well as DELICIOUS Sunday breakfast meetings (yum!!!).

Each year we participate in a multitude of activities such as:

Brotherhood social gatherings
Running the Purim carnival
CPR clinic for Congregation B’nai Torah members
Preparation of turkeys for the Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly,
Running the Shabbat shel Pesach Friday night service during Passover
Participating in the Massachusetts Shul Softball League
Helping out with activities with the congregation youth, and providing B’nai Mitzvah gifts.

If you have any questions about the Brotherhood, please do not hesitate to contact our co-presidents. We would love to schmooze with you.


Jon baron, Brotherhood President
Evan Bleicher, Brotherhood Vice-President 
Feel free to send me an email if you don't get it. Don't worry - I'll set you straight. ;-)

I'm ready for the Never Smoke Again Contract