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The Never Smoke Again 'Contract with yourself'

Of course, by now you should have already quit smoking. 

If you haven't already quit smoking I don't recommend that you go any further on this website. Don't forget that one of the major precepts of NeverSmokeAgain.com is HONESTY. If you aren't being honest now, how can you  be honest with yourself?

The next step is the contract step and in the contract step you must agree to Never Smoke Again. So, obviously, if you are still smoking you cannot possibly agree to Never Smoke Again. If you are still smoking and you continue on you will immediately violate the terms of the contract the next time you light up and that's a terrible way to learn the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program. Do it right! If you have absolutely quit smoking, proceed to the agreement. If you haven't quit smoking yet, then BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and come back once you have actually quit smoking. This stage of the program will not work if you haven't already quit smoking. So if you haven't quit smoking, you're not supposed to be here. Get it? Quit first and then come back to this page.

Any questions about whether or not it is okay to proceed if you haven't quit smoking? 

Feel free to send me an email if you don't get it. Don't worry - I'll set you straight. ;-)

I'm ready for the Never Smoke Again Contract