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Your most important tool for success is the belief that you can SUCCEED.

You can do this. I promise you that you can do this. Quitting smoking is a highly achievable thing. You HAVE what it takes to quit smoking, but to do it successfully, you must BELIEVE in yourself. You must take a RISK and believe that you can do this. UNSWERVING FAITH will really come in handy right now. 

Wouldn't the drug companies love it if they could bottle great attitude? But they know that they never will. And the drug companies benefit if you don't think this way. If they can't sell it to you, its better that you don't know about it at all because they want you to put all your confidence in the drugs and not in yourself. But having confidence in oneself is FREE. And it feels much better.

Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Turns out she had the power to go home all along. She just didn't know it. Think of NeverSmokeAgain.Com as the good witch of the north. I'm telling you now that you have had the ability to quit smoking all along, you just didn't know it. Believe that you can succeed.

Doubting yourself is like taking out FAILURE INSURANCE

Why do we doubt ourselves? This one is easy. We doubt ourselves to preserve our own dignity. If you doubt yourself and you don't succeed, you can always say to yourself, "I knew I couldn't do this and I never should have tried." Doubting your own ability is like taking out FAILURE INSURANCE. Don't go too far out on a limb. You might fall. Play it safe. Doubt yourself so when you fail you can say to yourself that you knew all along that it wouldn't work. That way you're not COMPLETELY incompetent. Right?

WRONG!!! Turn your attitude around. Turn you doubt into confidence. Take a RISK. You CAN do this. I promise you can do this.

Of course there isn't any magical sprinkle dust that I can toss at you. For this program to work you must believe that you can succeed at quitting smoking. You need to believe in yourself and believe in your own abilities.

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