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Prepare for battle!

Make a list of the top 5 situations where you will most likely get the urge to smoke, after you have quit.

It is important to do this because you need to INCREASE your awareness of the situations that will make you want to smoke a cigarette after you have quit. You need to be ready to face your weaknesses and know when you are in a vulnerable position. Make no mistake. You WILL face moments of weakness. You WILL crave cigarettes after you have quit smoking. You WILL face situations that will make you want to smoke. You are only human

Of course, you know where your favorite places to smoke are. Think about the situations where you are most likely to want to smoke. I am only asking for five of them, but you may have even more. Go ahead and write it down on a separate piece of paper if you want to list more than 5.

This step is really important. Give this a lot of thought.

Just like an army that trains before a battle,

you must train to respond to the urge to smoke

that you will INEVITABLY experience

AFTER you have quit smoking!

So fill out the following form and print it out BEFORE you hit the submit button. By listing out the top 5 situations that you are most likely to face, you will be that much more prepared when the urge to smoke comes to you. Your list may include such times as morning coffee, break time at work, driving in your car, going to a party or to a music club. Whatever. You need to prepare yourself for these events. You don't need to change your lifestyle, in order to quit smoking. Most likely you like your life. You like your friends. You like your job. (Am I being too presumptuous?) Becoming a non-smoker is challenging enough without having to reconstruct your life. You just need to prepare yourself to confront the urge to smoke after you have quit smoking.

Situation #1 (At home?)
Situation #2 (At work?)
Situation #3 (Socializing?)
Situation #4 (Other)
Situation #5 (Other)

Important: Print out a copy of this page BEFORE you hit the submit button

and then POST it somewhere that you can easily see it

EACH day!