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Actualize!  Actualize!

Actualize ( k ch - -l z )
v. ac·tu·al·ized, ac·tu·al·iz·ing, ac·tu·al·iz·es
v. tr.
To make real through ACTION

So, you know someone who just quit smoking. 

They say:

 'I've quit smoking'. 

You say:

"Very nice. How are you going about it?" 

They say: 

"I'm just quitting smoking".

You think:

"This person will probably not succeed". 

Why do you doubt them?
You doubt them because the steps that this person is taking to quit smoking seem inadequate to meet the needs of the desired outcome. Quitting smoking forever is DIFFICULT. It is rarely done successfully in such a thoughtless way.

 To quit smoking forever it helps to DO certain STUFF. Complacence will likely lead to failure. 

The NeverSmokeAgain.Com program includes many steps that ask you ACTUALIZE your decision to quit smoking. Thinking about quitting smoking just won't do it. Just reading through this site but not following the steps just won't do it. 

Doing versus Thinking

It is FAR EASIER to remember and think about your previous ACTIONS than your previous THOUGHTS. Do you remember what you were THINKING two weeks ago? Two days ago? Fifteen minutes ago? It is very difficult to remember your previous thoughts, but it is EASY to remember your ACTIONS!

ACTIONS are more significant than THOUGHTS

So, to actualize quitting smoking you take certain PHYSICAL steps that make quitting smoking REAL. This is the fine line between THINKING about quitting smoking and PHYSICALLY and ACTUALLY taking the steps needed to effectively quit smoking.

There are a number of steps in the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program that ask you to take physical action. This is for a REASON. It will be easy for you to DISREGARD the physical steps of this program, but I strongly recommend that you follow these steps as closely as possible. It really helps.

Do you get it? I Hope you get it, because the idea of taking the physical steps that I outline for you are CRITICAL to the success of this program. You won't need to do anything silly or peculiar. You won't need to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. But you will need to take certain physical actions to ACTUALIZE the process of quitting smoking.

Doing versus Reading

Did you ever buy a training video? For example, consider a golfer that wants to improve his or her golf game. The person sees an ad for a video that promises to really help improve one's golf game. So he or she buys the video and watches it. This person expects to benefit from watching this great video. What do you think? Is this a successful strategy? Will the video improve the person's golf game? 

The answer is that the video is unlikely to help the individual because just watching it is inadequate to achieve the desired outcome. More things need to happen to improve one's game. For example, the golfer needs to go to a driving range and practice the things that are being taught in the video. You can't just watch a video and get better. The idea is actually ridiculous. Golf is a really difficult sport. The video may contain beneficial tips and strategies, but you won't improve yourself by simply watching the video and going out to play.

Practicing golf is really ACTUALIZING the lessons that are being taught. By making what is being taught REAL through ACTION (practicing). When you practice golf swings you develop muscle memory. It is this memory that you reflect back on when you are in an actual golf game as you are about to swing your club. 

The same is true about this website. You need to ACTUALIZE the lessons by following through on the recommended actions. Simply reading through this website is unlikely to help you. The people that will benefit most from NeverSmokeAgain.Com are the ones that faithfully follow the actions that are recommended. As you follow the recommended actions you will establish memories that remain with you throughout your life, and most importantly, through the process of quitting smoking. These memories are a vital part of the NeverSmokeAgain.Com program. Don't ignore this.

ACTUALIZING the process of quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do that will strengthen your willpower ability.

How does actualizing help with your willpower? By taking MEMORABLE and SIGNIFICANT steps in the process of quitting smoking you are actually making quitting more REAL. (Actualize: To make real through action. Remember?) Actualizing will absolutely enhance your willpower. You can take it to the bank. (Keep reading for many more willpower strengthening strategies.)


Solidify the foundation of your desired outcome (becoming a non-smoker). Actualizing quitting smoking means taking steps that will make the act of quitting more REAL since quitting will be a more memorable and significant act.

This approach works. The choice is yours!

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